March Madness: 2016 Bracket Value

Let the Madness begin! Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
Let the Madness begin!
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament is set to start and March Madness has officially arrived.  Based on a variety of metrics and power ratings, below is a list of teams that will give your bracket value.  This is especially true for bracket pools that reward "picking underdogs."  That is, certain pools are structured to award more points for picking worse seeds.

Value in 2016 NCAA March Madness Brackets

Arizona (No. 6 seed)

Wichita St (11)

Duke (4) -- partly because the West Regional may be wide open (some would argue that the West is the weakest region)

Kentucky (4)

WVU (3)

Purdue (5)

Gonzaga (11)

Michigan St (2)

Kansas (1) -- a No. 1 seed, but a consensus top dog in the tournament. 

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