Eight Tips to Break Out of Your Golf Slump

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Tiger Woods
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Recently, the co-author of my book Who Will Win the Big Game, Dr. Jay Granat, was interviewed by Golf Digest to discuss Tiger Woods and ways to break out of slumps.  Dr. Granat is a psychotherapist and has worked with athletes of all levels, including high school students, amateur and professional athletes, and Olympic competitors. 

Together, Jay Granat and I have studied factors related to winning championships.  We quantified championship traits and learned that factors related to consistency, confidence, hard work, big game experience, minimizing errors (and a focus on fundamentals) -- are indeed correlated to winning.  This is true at all levels of a sport -- and interestingly, these traits are often overlooked and undervalued by sports analysts.   

With these factors in mind, Granat discussed several tips that can help golfers break out of a slump.  Here is an excerpt from the article:  

We're not sure if Tiger Woods' current funk is technically a "slump," but regardless, it's clear he's not in the same groove he's used to -- especially around the greens.
Whatever the case with Tiger's game, playing poorly for extended periods of time isn't a concept lost on golfers everywhere. 
So, with Tiger in the forefront of our minds and some lurking fears about our own game stationed in the back, we enlisted the help of Dr. Jay P. Granat, a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and founder of the website, who specializes in helping athletes snap their slumps.

Read the tips and more of this Golf Digest article by clicking here.

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Dr. Jay Granat is a psychotherapist and owner of Stay In The Zone.  Carlton Chin, CFA is a portfolio strategist and quant researcher who applies numbers to the financial markets and sports analytics.