Bracketology: What Seeds Make it to the Final Four + Value Teams

Here are the odds of each seed advancing to the Final Four, based on NCAA Men's Basketball tournament results since 1985, when the NCAA Tournament went to the 64-team format.  March Madness is almost here! 

Seed No. 1: 40.5% reached Final Four
No. 2: 21.6%
No. 3: 12.1%
No. 4: 11.2%
No. 5: 5.2%
No. 6: 2.6%
No. 8: 3.4%
No. 9: 0.9%
No. 11: 2.6%
Other seeds: 0% since 1985



These teams may offer value once Selection Sunday seedings are posted.  

Again, we are using this list as a placeholder of potential value once the brackets and seedings for the NCAA tournament are set.

Virginia Cavaliers

Louisville Cardinals

Wisconsin Badgers

Ohio State Buckeyes

The next few weeks will spotlight hot teams that win their conference playoffs. These hot teams may be awarded higher seeds than they deserve. After Selection Sunday, we will review our lists of teams for potential value.  Stay tuned!